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Selwyn van Haaren

Born and raised in the Netherlands. A nerd that loves illustration, digital design and sometimes touches a pencil. Currently Concept & Design Director at LiveWall Group in Tilburg.

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Like someone great ever told: "Without freedom of choice, there is no creativity". That's why instead of one, I have three passions! Let's keep that between us...

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Art & Design

As a child I always was fascinated by everything art related. With a box of crayons and a few paper sheets I started my love affair with design.

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Storytelling, interaction and art. With 8000+ hours into gaming, those three pillars of gaming is what inspires me. It all started with the Nintendo 64.

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Google thinks that my home is based in the movie theater. I don't blame them.

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Want to get in touch? I'd love to hear from you. Get your floo powder and throw it into a lit fireplace... or use the options below!

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